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May 30, 2007

I think I was supposed to use a lot more Diamonds.

So I may be a complete loser, because I totally made an elaborate (well, kind of elaborate) flowchart about how to do my job. Because this new guy, Scott, still doesn't get it. So he can follow the flowchart. This is how bored I have been while waiting for Odin Sphere to get here.

I also tried Dungeon Runners. It is... Diablo, with kinda shitty graphics, and many things trying to look like or be WoW. It's okay. It's probably better than Silk Road. I made me play Guild Wars for a little while. They've updated it a lot. More storage, more information, such as what was dealing you damage via little icons while you being hit... it's pretty nice. Guild Wars really is some good stuff. Too bad I could never get all the way into it.

We're almost done with 2nd GIG. We will be by tonight... and then Brer wanted to watch either a Western or a Warish movie... so I ended up picking Black Hawk Down. I dunno, these are the sort of things I know I'd handle better if I had him really there, to snuggle with, and not only with him over the interwebs, so that my stupid head feels free to try to distract myself with stupidity. We'll watch it tommorow and see how it goes, though.

Still no Talking Time or Odin Sphere. I shed a tear.

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May 28, 2007


My 360 died. Still under warranty and stuff, isn't too big a deal, just going to be missing it for about two weeks. I'm not too worried.

In other news, this is totally fucking awesome.

I miss Talking Time. I hope it comes back soon.

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May 26, 2007

More Pretentious: Wedding in the Rain, or dramatic singing at the gallows?

So. Pirates: At World's End. It was alright. I had fun. If you liked the other movies, you'll enjoy yourself. The first one still keeps the crown. I was confused that there was not more hints at important plot foci in this movie in the previous one, as they were made together. Also, Justin Spaeth totally spoiled the "twist" of the film. Although you'll see it coming a mile away anyway. So it's not like I'm mad or anything.

Also, before it, I saw another Transformers trailer. Jonathan is excited, because he wants to see a hilariously bad film, and that is exactly what it's going to be. It looks SO FUCKING AWFUL. What the hell were they thinking? Seriously. Is it really that hard to make a Transformers movie where, I dunno, the main characters are the Transformers? Apparently so.

Let's see... other things... I felt the Sixaxis. It IS stupid toy cheap-feeling light. Also, the R2 and L2 buttons are all different and weird. I dunno.

I got an e-mail that Odin Sphere just got shipped. This is good. I keep feeling the urge to buy another game, even though I just bought Odin Sphere and a big new monitor... so I just have to wait until a little later next week. I can do it. I do sorta want to fiddle around with a VC or XBLA game though, until it drops... eh, I should just play Etrian Odyssey.

Anyway, I'm going to curl up and hide until work now. Bye.

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May 24, 2007

This club be made for clubbin'.

So my time as an Accordian Thief is over, and I totally beat the Naughty Sorceress again. It was kinda by accident, too. I was going to take the "fail alot so she gets easier" method, but my Misshapen Animal Skeleton was too busy raping her and I beat the first form completely by accident, so I just went ahead and killed her. I decided to keep Dirge of Dreadfulness. I don't really know why, except all my other buffs seemed boring and all the niftier buffs past that point were very expensive to cast. 9 MP is about the cutoff point for me... all the really useful Accordian buffs cost like 40-50. I wouldn't be able to use those until late in the game. This way, I'm going to be dealing extra Spooky damage the whole run. The only problem now is what to keep. Seal Clubber has a very wide variety of passive skills, and I would like to have them all. It probably comes down to keeping either the Hide of the Walrus or Double-Fisted Skull Smashing. Probably Double-Fisted Skull Smashing. Dual Titanium Assault Umbrellas, anyone?

So, other things going on... hmmm... I still hate Victory Road... yeah... um... I guess that's mostly it. Bye.

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May 22, 2007

I fucking hate Victory Road so fucking much.

So Elsu (That's what he's named in my list, I actually need to ask him what to call him... man, all the weird little social issues that come from internet friendships) and I were talking about Pokemon and Essner just got Pokemon and Jonathan and Spaeth are still playing Pokemon so I decided to try to trudge through Victory Road today. I got really pissed. I am going to post a transcript of me ranting at Brer because I'll get mad if I type it again.

(16:54:35) thepoetfox: *growls...* God I fucking hate Victory Road.
(16:55:07) Brer: what is it?
(16:55:48) thepoetfox: It's the dungeon right before the Elite Four. I have a Cleanse Tag on my front Pokemon and am using Super Repels and I STILL get into a random encounter every four steps. It's such bullshit.
(17:00:30) Brer: *nods and snuggles up close* Heh, sounds annoying...is it Ironic that I'm illegally torrenting a law dictionary?
(17:00:52) thepoetfox: A bit. Heh. ^_^
(17:09:49) thepoetfox: *curls up in anger...*
(17:10:10) Brer: *kisses* What's wrong, love?
(17:10:25) thepoetfox: I HATE VICTORY ROAD.
(17:10:48) thepoetfox: I was getting somewhere, and now I'm dead, and I'm not fucking trying that BULLSHIT again.
(17:13:04) Brer: *erfs and nods*
(17:13:07) thepoetfox: There is no REASON why they should force me to have to drop a Pokemon from my party for stupid-ass Rock Climb, there is no REASON why all the levels should jump up 10 levels to make me grind for a few hours, there is no REASON why I should have to fight a random Pokemon every four steps.
(17:13:10) thepoetfox: FUCK IT.
(17:14:34) Brer: *nuzzles* Sorry...Is this required to beat the game?
(17:14:47) thepoetfox: Yes. The last bosses are at the other side of this cave.
(17:15:05) Brer: Gah....
(17:16:36) thepoetfox: I want to be able to catch Wild Kanto and Johto and Hoenn Pokemon. I want to access the special Island I can only get to after beating the Elite four. I want to do many many things. BUT I DON'T WANT TO PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT!
(17:17:10) thepoetfox: If it's supposed to be hard, why can I not even walk in the fucking cave without dropping a Pokemon from my party? No SANE person would have Rock Climb and Rock Smash on a pokemon they were actually going to use. They are useless.
(17:17:42) thepoetfox: I would have beat that guy if I had had my party. My Luxio could have raped that Staraptor. The party has answers to everything, But I had to leave one behind and, at random, it happened to be the one I needed and FUCK IT.
(17:20:50) Brer: No way to build a 5-pokemon party that's sufficient?
(17:21:40) thepoetfox: Perhaps, but then I'd have to be grinding up new Pokemon and that wouldn't really solve anything for me.
(17:22:42) thepoetfox: *curls up...* Bleh...

So yeah, I hate Victory Road. Now I've got to try to quell this hatred so I can try again, because I do need to get past it... but damn, it's going to be a bit.

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May 21, 2007

In which I make a list, and then talk about the games I've been playing.

So here's another pointless list of DS games I'm going to buy.

Picross DS (July 3) As long as it's 20 dollars, it's puzzler gameplay I can get behind.
Namco Museum DS (July) As long as it's a budget price, Single Card Pac Man Vs makes this purchase totally worth it for me, especially now that Essner has a DS, and that's a full four players.
Luminous Arc (August) FFT-style gameplay, I believe. I've heard nothing but good things about it. I need to do more research, but it looks like a likely purchase.
Heroes of Mana (August 14) If I need an additional hit, Parish likes this Mana-themed RTS, and I probably wouldn't mind playing it in the least. The only downside would be that apparently Revenant Wings is just a slightly changed and improved version of this game, so I might burn myself out on it early.
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (September) The third chapter in my favorite silly lawyer anime turned game? Sign me up.

There might be more. I could see myself picking up Sim City DS and Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol if I feel a lack of gameage. Damn, I buy a lot of DS games.

In other news, I still enjoy playing the Halo 3 Beta off and on, but I still attribute that to the very limited time I've had with any other Halo multiplayer.

Also, last night in Etrian Odyssey I just kinda exploded and got a lot farther. I also found my first Take points, so that's exciting, as well as a repeatable event where this Hexer heals my party, so I can grind on floor three without worry. I also found that the first FOE in the level is just a bitch like the crabs, in that it only takes damage from Elemental Attacks. Until my Protectors can get high enough defense to stall, I'll just have to dodge that one... the rest on the level I can kill... apparently down at level 5 is Fenrir... that'll be exciting. I need to get my Alchemist's Fire Forumla leveled up some.

Also, last night, Spaeth and I played through a little less than half of Perfect Dark Zero. The game is just... ugly. It's ugly. All the characters look so very wrong. The gameplay is very Goldeneye... the half-assed cover system is very wonky... every other shooter I've played on the system is most definately better than this. But playing Co-Op is still fun, and there's something to be said about the weapon collection element of the game, where you get to pick from every weapon you've ended a level with at the start of each new stage. I dunno. We had a ton of fun. We're probably going to keep going and beat it sometime this summer. Hell, maybe even some more tonight, if he wants.

Anyway, I need to shower so I may give blood in a few hours. Whee.

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May 17, 2007

A brief Halo 3 Beta Update.

Ph33r my shitty Halo 3 Beta statistics and pink emblem of DEATH!

Mostly, though, the beta is just Halo... so... you know... if you like Halo... I've never played any Halo online, so it's keeping my interest just because it's new. I like the Spiker gun. I still haven't played a game on the map called Valhalla. The matchmaking thing has some trouble sometimes connecting to Live. I suppose fixing that is what this Beta is all about, though.

In any case, the only way I could see me buying this before it dropped to budget prices would be if someone like Kale got it and Live Gold and really wanted me to play with them. It's pretty fun, though... I gotta get Spants over to splitscreen, this is half his Beta, too.

Anyway, Grandparent time.

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May 16, 2007


Amazon sent me an e-mail saying that Etrian Odyssey was being delayed even more, and I could cancel it. So I went out and tried hard to find a copy, but I couldn't as of yet... oh well. Supposedly EB is getting copies in around 4, so I'll give them a call. If they have them, then I'll just cancel the order. So wish me luck there.

But okay, games to talk about... can't talk about Etrian yet... so I get to type for a little about Wonder Boy in Monster World, the Eternal Sonata demo, and Aegis Wing.

Aegis Wing is the OMG FREE XBLA game. It's a bullet hell kinda game with four player co-op and six levels. It's difficult alone, but then again, I'm not very good at such games. They made most of the achievements hard, too, probably because the game is free. I think it'll be more fun if I get four people sitting around with controllers. Also, then I can get the Epic Ship thingy achievement. Whoo!

Eternal Sonata demo. The game seems fun. I don't link the voices... the whole thing has a bit of the sort of kiddy cute that I hate with the voices... like... insincere cute. The visuals are nice, and really cute, though not very "next gen." The battle system is actiony button mashy fun. I'll be getting this game. It'll have to drop to about 30 or 20 bucks first, though. Perhaps out of a used game bin or something. But I will get it. It seems enjoyable.

And, finally, Wonder Boy in Monster World. The game is really good. I mean, it is. It fixed a lot of the little weirdnessess of Dragon's Trap. For example, I have another button for spells. Not only that, but I can equip TWO spells to that button, one for Button+Right one for Button+Left. Makes using Magic a lot easier. Also, you have MP now, which encourages you to use Magic more, as well. There are different cities... it's a great game. It took a really retarded turn at the end, though, where I all of the sudden jumped into a rocket and went to another planet! Also, all of the people of Monster World were suprised when they were overrun by monsters... what? Anyway, I recommend it. It's a little easier than Dragon's Trap, too, if you're suck in the Tiger-man Dungeon like I am and worried you'll get stuck in this one... the last two bosses are pretty hard, but otherwise, it's at that challenging but not frustrating level that I like. You know, where it'll maybe take two tries, but no more than that. Anyway, it's a good series. If they made a new Wonder Boy for DS or something, I'd check it out.

No Halo 3 Beta for me yet... they're having issues... I don't see how they would let that happen, really. You'd have thought they would have tested this beta launch like a billion times... oh well, I can wait. I'm not too fanatic about it.

And that's the GAME UPDATE OF TODAY! Other than that, I'm doing fine. Watching SAC with Brer, relaxing, feeling good. Yeah yeah.

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May 11, 2007

This is so fucking badass.

My Trainer Card for Diamond/Pearl!

Is that the top of cool or WHAT? Fuck yeah.
Just had to show it off.

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May 10, 2007

Extra Finito

So I've done my Advising Appointment and I've got classes... my schedule isn't quite how I would like it. I'll have to be up and active at 9 every weekday... but I looked... and I learned... and if I actually completely all five classes for the next two semesters... I'm DONE! I'm done! Actually, there might be a third... I'd likely want to balance my internship with a lighter courseload and I've got two more Lit classes I have to take, which may not work together in one semester... since I was so late, I couldn't get into one this semester... if I remember, I may want to check if I can switch one of my early morning classes into a Lit class... anyway, I really am almost done. That's fucking crazy. I hope I can apply that towards doing well come the fall.

But anyway, you might have seen on the side...
You Know What? I Accomplished Something Today
It's just a Blogger blog, but it's a list of, well, what I accomplished every day. It's probably not very interesting, but you might want to check up on it every once and awhile just to see if I'm being honest and keeping up with it.
I really like the name. It's so long and it's completely what the blog is all about.

So I was playing some more Crackdown today, and having a good time, and listening to the Penny Arcade podcast, and as I listened, it ended, and then repeated... and it was still as good. I had literally JUST listened to it, and I was hearing it a second time and was entertained. That's pretty hardcore.
I also listened to Impossible Dreams, which is apparently a Hugo Nominee for this year, and it was pretty good. Not the most artistic piece, perse, but it was really fun. Much better than some of the nominees from last year, if I recall... Clockwork Atom Bomb or whatever it was didn't thrill me at all. But anyway, apparently Escape Pod is running all the Nominees again, so you may want to listen these next few weeks.

Tommorow, I have nothing on my plate... I think I might ask Jessie if she wants to catch up on Doctor Who with me...

Also, man, I haven't played Pokemon in awhile... I get to Victory Road and all want to keep playing disappears... that's like two Pokemon in a row now this has happened... mostly because there's a grind there right before the last boss, and you have to use all kinds of HM bullshit to get through there... it's annoying... I should really just go beat the Elite Four, though, before Etrian Odyssey gets here...

OH! I forgot! I also made the archives better, if you didn't noticed. Go Go Historianperson!

And that's it. Bye.

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May 09, 2007


I'm done with school for this semester. I think that's supposed to be a happy thing. I'm just trying to decompress and not care right now. I dunno, I just need to... I dunno. I hope this summer is relaxing. I need to head back into the school year free of stress and full of anger at my parents to motivate me to finish. Or something. Eh, it worked last semester.

So last night was an amazing night for Familiar Collection in Kingdom of Loathing. I got, finally, my Misshapen Animal Skeleton, and right after I did that, I picked up the Origami Towel Crane and Barrrnacle I needed in rapid succession. The only familiar I'm missing that I could get this ascention is now the Ninja Snowflake, which I need to pickpocket off of a Ninja Snowman Weapon Master, which will probably be difficult to do. But I'm up to the challenge. Next ascention I'm going to be a Seal Clubber and try to get the many different flavors of Gravy Fairy. I want the Sleazy Gravy Fairy with her tiny pack of Clove Cigarettes.

I was thinking last night about starting a blog, just a quick one on another server, like on LiveJournal or Blogger, where I simply write down every day what I've accomplished that day, so that when I get into one of my stupid "I'm Useless" ruts, I have this big list of shit I did that was worthwhile. I'd do it in a little notebook or something, but I don't know. I don't write analogue anymore. I can't. I have my little "Moleskine" book next to the computer where I take notes for whatever I might need to take notes on... like... drawing shitty maps... or writing down passwords... making Familiar Checklists for KoL... whatever. But I can't write anything longer than that, and the only reason I write those in there would be because laying it out in computer-ness would take waaaaaay more effort. This list wouldn't, and I know if I got a notebook and wanted to keep it in the notebook, I wouldn't do it.
So, blog is the form for me. Would it be worth it? I don't know. Haven't decided yet. If you see a new link on the side there to something along the lines of "I wonder what the hell I've accomplished..." then you'll know what that is, hm?

What else... I have this something on my face that keeps bleeding... it's annoying... and... um... I dunno.

I'm done. That's good, yes? That's it. I'm going to curl up in bed and disappear for a week or so...

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May 07, 2007

Skills for Kills, Agent. Skills for Kills.

I so doodled another Oekaki thingy yesterday. It's Kirby in the Megaton Punch contest. I think it's inspiring that I cannot even draw Kirby, one of the simplest characters imaginable, well.

So this is a week of doing things. I have much work on the schedule, and today I need to write a short paperish thing, and I should probably get a new schedule going, even though it's about the last thing I want to deal with right now. So... yay for me? At least I'm going to get monies next week.

I got Brer watching Stand Alone Complex. I'm glad he likes it. I was pretty sure he would. So that's good.

What else... I dunno. I'm yawny and tired right now. I should go back to bed...

Oh, as far as the KoL Familiar hunt goes, I got another, but I still have four more to go. Yeah, okay, I missed one on my list, but at least I remembered to get the Killer Bee. I named it C. Only like... 58 more Dusty Bones to go before I get the Misshapen Animal Skeleton... wheeee... man, I'm so glad I'm only going to have to do that once...

I played Crackdown yesterday like... all day. Listened to some podcasts and just... shot things. Got my Firearms skill from like one star to extremely close to four stars. Killed all the Los Muertos bosses. Picked up both rocket launchers. Crackdown is just a shit-ton of fun, and it was fun to get back to it, seeing as I hadn't done too much in it before. We'll see if I try to finish off all the mob bosses this week.

Someone needs to post what's up on Virtual Console... bleh.

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May 04, 2007

They have his Sonic Screwdriver toy at Hastings, and I want it.

So apparently the little round thing on the back of my video card was NOT an S-Video Out, as previously believed, but a connector for a proprietary dongle that gives access to S-Video, Component, and Composite out. Brer probably lost it immediately since his PC monitor IS his TV, and would have no use for it, but with the new Doctor Who coming out and Jessie coming home and us making vaguely tentative plans to watch it, I felt it was time to get my PC hooking up to my TV again. So I went and found this dongle for nine dollars after shipping, and it's coming next week.
I've also realized there is a possibility of me running video to my TV, hooking 360 controllers to my PC, and playing MAME games on the TV... like... say... Metal Slug 3. Yay! That's incredibly complicated just to play Metal Slug, though.

So, okay, I have... four more Familiars to get this ascention. I made a checklist. Two of them are going to be a bitch, the other two shouldn't be too bad. I still keep using El Amigo De Mi Cabeza though, even though I have a very wide variety of Familiars to pick from.

Ecks and I are having this conversation again about how important college is... I do understand, and I know he's trying to be supportive and motivate me, but whenever I get into this conversation I just get depressed. I hate thinking about it. I just want it to be over.

But, okay... end on a happy note... um... umm... all I have left is finals? Is that happy? I dunno.

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May 03, 2007

This is a really short post.

Yeah, apparently this is a true story. Sometimes I hate people.

I did some minor cleaning on my room.

...the end.

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May 02, 2007

It's stupid of me to get stressed and depressed, but I do...

Apparently, I can't be trusted to do anything. Spread the word.

So Catan is one fucking awesome board game. I still don't know if it would work well with my friends, but it is created insanely well, and I was glad to pay ten bucks for it. You should play it with me sometime, nonexistant reader, if you have a 360.

Other things going on... let's see... I... managed to get homework done despite all my breakdowns over the last few weeks. I should be okay. I do need to get my classes set up, but I just... I'm going to focus on other things... like getting my homework done and not breaking down... It can wait. I can wait.

Other than that... I dunno... I got my last badge in Pokemon... Persona 3 is tempting me, but I shouldn't... at least not yet, it's due out in June, we'll see how Odin Sphere keeps me... I was thinking of trying Persona 2, but it apparently doesn't work well on the PSP, so... but...

Anyway, I just have to stay calm, get what I need to get done done and use the rest of the time to destress... that's the ticket...

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